Santa Claus Blues

lightninWhen you got the Blues, it don’t matter the season.  They head on down the chimney anyway.  But Christmas brings a special kinda feeling.  A lump-of-coal kind of blues delivered by Old Saint Nick. Maybe you’re like Bumble Bee Slim.  You’ve been waitin’ for Santa and he just won’t come. Or maybe you’re like the talented and beautiful Mabel Scott.  Then you know it’s not you—but the Big Elf himself that ain’t no good.

And if you’re fiery red-head Bo Carter, then your Santa’s real bad. But if you’re like Lightnin’ Hopkins, you’re not concerned with elves or reindeer much at all.  You just lean back and watch the snow fall. Here’s Lightnin’ Hopkins with “Heavy Snow.”

Merry Christmas!

from The BluesMobile & C.C. Rider the Venerator