Jack Bruce


You know the songs.  Sunshine of your Love, White Room.  And you know the band right? Cream? Well do you know who wrote ‘em, who sang ‘em? I’ll give you a hint. It wasn’t Eric Clapton. Nope, Clapton sang a couple tracks, but the real lead singer, and the main songwriter for the British super group Cream was Jack Bruce. One of the most gifted and imaginative bass players ever. And no slouch on harmonica either. Yeah, he brought the blues to the masses and helped change rock n’ roll. But he never saw himself as a bluesman or a rock star. Nope, Jack Bruce was a classically trained cellist and composer, who really wanted to play Jazz.


I come from a musical family.  My mother was a really good singer, folk singer.  My father was a drummer and piano player.And I was singing from very young four or something like that.  Started singing eventually started playing piano then cello then I got a composition to the Royal Academy Of Music where I studied composition and cello but I didn’t like that because it was very hidebound and strict.  I wanted to play jazz so I dropped out and the rest is history.

R.I.P. Jack Bruce (14 May 1943 – 25 October 2014)

091.Jack_Bruce_1971John Symon Asher “Jack” Bruce was born May 14, 1943. A prodigious bassist, vocalist, and songwriter, he’s most famous as bassist and lead vocalist of the supergroup Cream. After Cream’s dissolution, Bruce continued with a vibrant solo career.

Bruce was born in Scotland, and began playing the bass in his teens. He won a scholarship to play cello at the Royal Academy of Music, he dropped out of school when the academy expressed disapproval of his love of jazz.

Bruce played in a number of bands before Cream, including the Graham Bond Organization alongside Ginger Baker, and, albeit briefly, the Bluesbreakers, alongside Clapton.

The power trio Cream was founded in 1966. Bruce played bass and sang lead, backed by Baker on drums and Clapton on Guitar. He also cowrote many of the groups biggest hits. The band dissolved in ’68.

Post-Cream, Bruce dabbled in all genres, returning to his beloved jazz, enjoying a long and fruitful career.

He passed away in October 2014.