Haunted Halloween Blues

Haunted Halloween Blues – Bessie Smith “Blue Spirit Blues”


You may be tortured by a lover, a hellhound, or a ghost. If you’re haunted, you got the blues.  And if you got the blues it’s just the same as being haunted. You got something following you that you just can’t shake.  Lonnie Johnson sang loud and clear—the blues is just a ghost.

aMEMPHIS_MINNIE_695And there ain’t just one kind of restless spirit.  Maybe it’s a slighted lady, or a man you fought in a bar.  Could be footsteps in the hallway, rattling in the walls.  Memphis Minnie knew what she was talking about when she sang the Haunted House blues.

Or you could be dealing with somethin’ else altogether.  Like the most haunted of them all.  The man who practiced in a graveyard and, according to legend, sold his soul to the devil to play the blues.  Robert Johnson.

But you’ve heard that one before.  So let’s go down and meet the devil on his own ground.  The legendary Bessie Smith is our guide to the Blue Spirit Blues.


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