Happy Birthday Rory Block!


Wanna know ‘bout the blues?  Just ask Rory Block.  She knows it well… been singin’ and playin’ it all her life.  Ask her and she’ll tip her hat to the bluesmen and women she heard along the way.  Some of them legends she learned from in person…like the titanic Son House.  Blues as we know it just wouldn’t be the same without Son.  So who was he? Rory Block:

Son House was one of the pivotal figures in early days of the formation of this incredible music that has, of course, evolved into today’s blues, today’s rock, today’s jazz. You’d have to know a little bit about Country Blues to kind of understand how foundational Son House really was. Robert Johnson hung around with them as a younger man.  Robert Johnson was inspired by him.  Crossroad Blues is founded on these same licks.  And his style is hard-driving and absolutely the building blocks upon which so many other forms of music rest.