Happy Birthday Guy Davis!


If you played me a track by Guy Davis and told me he was a relic from the old south, I’d believe you. Truth is Guy’s not that old at all, he was born on this day in 1952.  But Guy Davis is a man with an old soul. Guy is a New York City bred.  He picked up fingerpicking from a nine-fingered guitar player on a train ride from Boston.  And something about that story fits well with the haunted myths of the old Mississippi musicians.Whether he’s putting a darker twist on an old blues standard or composing his own traditionally minded songs, Guy’s got delta dirt under his nails.  Judge for yourself. Here’s Guy Davis, “Lost Again.”

guydavisGuy Davis, blues guitarist, singer, songwriter, actor and banjo player, was born May 12, 1952 in New York. The son of actors Ruby Dee and Ossie Davis, Guy grew up in New York City. Despite being raised in the urban north, Guy was inspired by his grandmother, of the rural south, to learn the music of his heritage. He taught himself the guitar early on by listening to and watching other musicians—but the game changed for him after a fateful meeting on a late night journey. One evening, Guy boarded a train from Boston to New York, and met a nine-fingered folkstyle guitar player. There he picked up the finger-picking style that characterizes his music, and the rest is history. Guy has released multiple albums to widespread critical acclaim, has performed on and scored for broadway, as well as written multiple plays on the side. His most recent album Juba Dance, on DixieFrog Records, is available on his website www.guydavis.com.