April 15: Tax Payin’ Blues


It might be a luxury tax, might be a sales tax, might be an emotional tax you gotta pay the one you love.  No matter what kind of tax it is, nobody likes payin’ ‘em. And when you don’t like something, there’s one thing you can do about it – sing the blues.  Like Brownie McGhee and Ralph Willis.

Here’s the tale of another Tax track.  One by J.B. Lenoir.  It was written in the 1950’s to protest the president’s tax hikes.  And originally called “Eisenhower Blues.”  But back then, you just couldn’t bad mouth the leader of the free world in a pop song like that.  Still, if there’s one thing everyone likes to bad mouth, it’s taxes.  So they changed the name of the song.  Here’s J.B. Lenoir and the re-titled, “Tax Payin’ Blues.”

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